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Cremation Jewelry, A Beautiful Way To Preserve A Loved Ones Ashes With You Always

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 Cremation jewelry is a beautiful way to preserve the ashes of a loved one hidden inside a piece of jewelry. Keeping them close to you always.

What is Memorial Jewelry?

Memorial jewelry is a type of jewelry that has a small compartment hidden inside the necklace or ring, that stores ashes. They can be any type of jewelry, necklaces, rings, and even bracelets. Fine jewelry is sentimental objects that hold a lot of memories, sentiments, and time stamps of important occasions and periods of our lives. In creating a piece of jewelry with ashes, it commemorates a tragic part of your life into a beautiful reminder of your loved one in the form of a precious jewel.filling ring with ashes custom memorial ring

How We Fill Your Jewelry with Ashes

When you send us the design you would like to have made, we will create the piece of jewelry with a small hole somewhere along the inside of the necklace or ring, where we fill the compartment with the ashes and seal it closed. In sealing it closed, we make it safe to wear your jewel in water, so you never have to take it off.
custom sapphire ring with ashes inside memorial jewelry
For example, this custom sapphire ring below is a cremation ring. You can see how we placed the ashes right below the center stone on the inside of the ring. Once sealed you won’t be able to see the opening, making a discreet piece. 
Cremation necklace with ashes inside jewelry with morganite

If your interested in creating a memorial piece or would like more information, send us a quick email at info@fineandflux.com and we can start creating your piece today!

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