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Nouvelles et événements — Padparadscha sapphire

Sapphire Prices By Color, Market Value 2022 1ct+

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Sapphire Prices By Color, Market Value 2022 1ct+

We've prepared a selection of 1 carat sapphires of various colors to show you real market prices and how they fluctuate based on color and saturation. We will cover blues, pinks, padparadscha, yellows, greens, teals and so much more! You can also view our current available sapphires, or reach out through our email! We are happy to send you a few sapphire options to choose from based on your color preference and budget! Don't miss out, it only takes 5 seconds! Note: all stones (unless indicated otherwise) used in this blog have the same quality of clarity, cut (excellent-very good), heat treated and similar carat...

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