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About Fine+Flux Jewelry

Fine+Flux jewelry, founded by Dominique Flux is a jewelry brand that focuses primarily on excellent customer service, artistic design and one of a kind services that allow the clients to par take in the entire process. A truly unique and fun experience.

Their services include  custom design, where clients create the jewel they've always wanted, filled with symbolism and meaning. Personalized engagements, where they help create their clients forever ring tailored to their style and budget. Last but not least, cremation jewelry. A service where they insert the ashes of a loved one or pet inside of a jewel. A beautiful and discrete way to commemorate someone. 

They are jewelers that believe in quality over quantity, which is why they choose to use noble metals such as gold, platinum and their choice of finely selected diamonds, sapphires and other semi-precious stones. This ensures their jewelry will last a lifetime, along with the valuable memories they hold.


About The Founder

It’s clear that Montreal based Dominique Flux, the power woman founder and lead designer at Fine+Flux Jewelry and dynamic host of the Youtube channel by the same name, was born to create the unique, intricate pieces of custom made jewelry she has become globally known for. When she was a young girl growing up in Quebec City, she was planning for a completely different career trajectory - and she originally went to school to become a physiotherapist. As she once told Montreal Tips in a feature interview, she learned traditional teaching methods didn’t work for her learning style. Inspired to try something new, she enrolled in the Jewelry School of Montreal (l’École de Joaillerie de Montréal) , a move that changed her life - and her direction. She stayed three years at the school (plus a year of studying 3D design) . She also built up her design cred - and gained a deep understanding of the industry - when she took a position working as a designer for renowned Canadian jeweler, Ecksand. Dominique Nicholson. After having apprenticed and worked for some of the biggest jewelers in the city, Dominique decided it was time to open Fine+Flux - her own online boutique. Today, Dominique herself has garnered international recognition for her elaborate, delicate, custom made work, using her knowledge of the traditional craftsmanship combined with innovative new technologies to make her artistic vision come alive in her one of a kind pieces. That vision, she has said, is partly inspired by the many years she spent drawing fashion, engaged in drawing “elaborate patterns and textures” - something you can see today in the way she uses gold and genuine stones to create special, high end yet affordable pieces that are treasured by their owners. It’s easy to see why industry watchers and media alike have pegged her as a rising star. In addition to her role as the powerhouse leader of a fabulous Canadian jewelry brand, she makes a compelling interview and she’s been interviewed about her work and her expertise in the field by journalists in the United States, the UK, and Australia, as well as at home in Canada.