Custom Fine Jewelry


We create personalized jewelry according to your style and tailored to your budget. Our goal is to create a piece made of the top quality materials and  Canadian craftsmanship, anyone has to offer. Because it is not just a ring or earrings or maybe a necklace, it is a memory that will last for generations.

Here is our easy 2 step process on how it works:


  1. Dream in gold

 Send us an image of what you would like to have made. Incorporate any details or questions you may have, and we will start the process!

Let us take your dream and make it a reality.

  1. Make it happen

 Now that you have sent us your design, it’s time for us to envision it to life. We will be able to give you an estimated price and a time frame on how long it will take. Since we know seeing your piece beforehand is of the upmost importance to you, we will send a rendered version, in case you still want us to make some tweaks. Once you are satisfied with what we have created, we will ship out your final piece. A golden dream comes true.


Note: Remember that we also offer the option to personalize all our in-house collections.